The tastiest piece of French culture will soon enter Azerbaijan market  


French Artisan Bakery chain Entrée has opened it’s door to Baku customers. These cozy premium class cafes offer variety of Healthy food and simply charming atmosphere to visitors. Organic Fresh bread, French viennoiserie, Good authentic Coffee, homemade pasta, sandwiches & Fresh superfood salads are made here by French and Italian chefs throughout the day, using the best organic seasonal ingredients without any additives. 

Authentic products to take-in or take-out smart in convenient recyclable packaging, promise to keep you feel amazing from breakfast until supper.


Company management mainly consists of French technologist, who were specially invited from south of France to guarantee the best quality food made by hand in front of customers eyes on daily basis.

Artisan bakery chain Entrée will start it’s operation in Baku with 3 cafes on following locations : Dilara aliyeva #220 H. Gagyev #33 (5 Mertebe) and B.Sardarov #10 (Akhunov square and offer 300 different types of assortment. Inspired by healthy lifestyle Entrée will offer smoke free ambiance to it’s customer.


Jean Michel Charles – Partner Entrée:

“Originally I am from south of France, from city Menton – very near to Monaco, My experience in food industry counts many years, this is a great challenge and in the same time honor for me and my team to bring to Baku the Food culture which gained my country the worlds admiration. First project of Artisan bakery chain Entrée was launched in Georgia 6 years ago. We successfully operate 7 cafes in Tbilisi at present and are named by worlds largest global travel website Tripadvisor as the best company of the year based on guests reviews there. I sincerely hope that Azerbaijan customer will welcome us and treat Entrée the same way as Georgians do”.


Cyril Gaudin  - Chief baker Entrée:

“France is assumed as cradle of bread technology, that’s why sour dough bread and pastry products prepared by us throughout the day are premium quality  - organic, natural. I can perfectly see that Azerbaijan customer has good taste and high estimation capacity local Food is so delicious, now it is our job to bring and integrate the tastiest part of French culture to local market and establish Entrée as French island of healthy food in Baku.


Cyril Gaudin is Originally from La Rochelle South-Western part of France near to Atlantic Ocean. He received CAP Attitude Professional Diploma of Certified French bakers in Paris and started working with leading artisan bakery chain Maison Eric Kayser in 1999. For seven years spent in Paris Cyril has launched more than 15 Kayser Boulangeries. From 2006 Gaudine was responsible for company development in: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Senegal and Russia. Cyril Gaudin Joined Entrée in 2014. 


Entree will be pleased to offer you renewed pastry assortment in couple of days. Yesterday our Friends have degustated 15 new types of amazing cakes Prepared by our new Pastry chef Johan Martin, who is the winner of 2011 Pastry World Championship and is honored to be listing in top ten Pastry chefs all over the world.