Head Pastry Chef
Alain is a highly qualified pastry chef as both his children can affectionately testify. From the time he was a young boy he already knew what direction he would move professionally, due to the fact he comes from a long line of chefs. The tradition of cooking is in his family’s blood. Alain travels a lot and knows his way around many kitchens around the world. His personal favorites are traditional Georgian cuisines such as Kinkkali, Khachpuri, Barbeque and salads. His dishes of choice are chicken with beans and sour cream and the exotic dish from the recipe of King Henri IV “Poule au Pot” and veal with cream. 
Alain has very little free time but when he does he spends it in restaurants. He likes Old Tbilisi in particular the values and politeness of Georgians and it troubles him that these values have been gradually diminishing in France and Georgia for the last 50 years.
He attempts to continue these values with his customer service. He considers the “Entrée” menu diverse but is always looking for new ways to improve in order to offer the best unique products to his clientele.

Head of the Confectionery Kitchen
Xavier is the man behind all the exquisite, delicious and beautiful pastries, torts, homemade ice-creams and bon-bons you see in “Entrée”. At the age of 30 Xavier is a highly qualified cook in the confectionary field. Before he found his calling as a professional chef he was doing most of the cooking in the family home. He loves pasta with delicious sauces but his favorite is roasted duck with spices and gravy. He loves Georgian dishes but feels that the may be a little to rich of a diet and prefers the healthy choice of bean dishes.